Release stress through breath

Release stress through breath

Lets make this short. We all experience stress, in a variety of situations. But what to do about it if we can’t leave the situation? In Yoga, Athletics and Meditation is a great focus on the breath with a variety of different approaches, so next time you feel like the world is crushing over you, try this fast and effective tool.

Take a step back, close your eyes, breath in through your nose and slowly count until 4. Hold your breath for a second and then let it all flow back out through your nose while counting to 6. Repeat it. In 1-2-3-4. Holding. Out 5-6-7-8-9-10. Keep your focus on your breath during it and try to repeat at least 6 times in a row, so you have a good full minute.

Do it when you are already loosing your shit or doing it to prevent so, by just adding that mindful minute to each hour. Real simple. Real fast. Take care of yourself first.




Personal Meditation Tips.

Personal Meditation Tips.

It took me a good year between my first meditation and making it a day to day habit. That means it took a good year for me to experience all the benefits of meditation instead of just being relaxed. Why is it so hard to keep up with it, if it is so beneficial to our lives? I just know that it was a struggle for me so here are some tips on how i managed to integrate it into my life, so that you can have an more easy time discovering the benefits.

Uno. Headspace.

Headspace is an App in which you can chose between meditation packs, singles and unguided meditations. It counts the days you meditated, sends inspirational quotes to your phone (if you wish so) and can remind you to meditate. They explain different meditation techniques through well designed videos and have a wide variety of themes to meditate about covered. From building a foundation, to health, happiness, work&performance, students to sports with lots of under topics each they have it all.

If you are in a rush, they offer 3 minute meditations, but also 5-20 minutes meditations. Short: they make it easy for you. The whole design and layout is amazingly easy to use and has a sense of playfulness. If you are slightly unsure about what you want to do, where to start, this app takes your hand and shows you how to do it. The fonder is a pro what meditation belongs and shares all his wisdom with you. It is also his voice that guides you through every single meditation.

Dos. Overthinking.

Am i making progress? Am i doing it right? I am not good at this. Well our mind tends to wander, so it is just natural that it will wander during meditation too, so realizing that these all are also just thoughts and focusing back on the breath was a deal breaker for me. There is no wrong way to do it. Just stick around a little bit longer and these thoughts will disappear by themselves. Bringing in mind that it is a skill that needs to be learned.

Tres. Falling asleep.

The first months i fall asleep every single time i meditated. Every. Single. Time. I could not stay awake no matter how badly i wanted to. Was i just not made for meditation? Here i was, wanting to learn how to meditate but instead always having a nice lil nap.

But instead of giving up, consider the really simple science behind it. If you are living a decently fast life and your body is not getting enough rest, it will take every opportunity it gets to recharge. So instead of judging yourself on ‘not doing it right’, just have a closer look at your life. Your sleeping pattern. Your workload. How much ‘me time’ did you got recently?

Cuatro. Timing.

Do it when you need it. Did it felt strange in the beginning to sit down just somewhere and close your eyes for 10 minutes? Yes. Did these 10 minutes just improved your whole mood by 50%? Yes. So if you want to meditate, do not wait for the right timing, the right place, the special moment. Just do it. 3 minutes. In the train, in a cafe, at your workplace, basically anywhere you can sit for 3 minutes without getting into trouble.

There are deep meditations that you want a sacred space for. Deep healing meditations, inner child meditation, cleansing meditations. But that is a whole different topic to the meditation skill that trains your mind to allow space.


Meditation. 3 ways it can improve your life.

Meditation. 3 ways it can improve your life.

Uno. It makes you sleep at ease.

There are many reasons why people struggle with sleep from time to time, lack of sport, stress, depression, diseases… It is an ongoing list, for me it is anxiety for example. In a intense state of anxiety it can be hard to get back out again, so i put on a sleeping meditation and the voice of the teacher is gently bringing me back into the gentle sleeping mood that allows your body to drift away. There are meditations focused on preparing your mind and body for sleep, why go through a whole night of restlessness or taking sleeping pills if there is a free and risk free alternative.

Dos. Creating space.

What meditation does is, it creates space between your thoughts and in this space lays a sweet freedom. No judgement, no hurry, no expectations, no to-dos, no rethinking the past, no overthinking the future, it it like giving yourself a break from yourself and others.

Tres. Sense of connection.

It is easy to feel disconnected and alone in a cold big city. But by going within, there comes a sense of light and belonging, realizing that we are not separated. Realizing that we are all connected, connected to our family, connected to nature, connected to strangers, connected to the universe. There lies a hidden happiness in getting closer to the universes secrets by accepting that we are one of its miracles.