Stop sabotaging your life

Spring Water Germany

Nobody gave me the life i wanted to have. I was miserable, thinking i lacked the life that i so clearly deserved and wanted. Guess what. No one came. All the waiting for Christmas. Family Time. Vacations. For years, i was at home not doing anything, being in my head going on about why i can’t have it. Live it. Do it. I searched for reasons and i found them.

So what. So i stepped up, i looked for something that made me excited behind imagination and persuaded it. Just to discover, i was the only one holding me back from everything i ever wanted. I was the one sabotaging my life. Big time.

Dream big. Stop thinking about why you can’t have the life you want and start thinking how to get one step closer to it. Ask your mind how and it will answer. Look for things that excite you and start doing them, create a life worth living. Day by day. Get out of your mind.


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