Meditation. 3 ways it can improve your life.

Uno. It makes you sleep at ease.

There are many reasons why people struggle with sleep from time to time, lack of sport, stress, depression, diseases… It is an ongoing list, for me it is anxiety for example. In a intense state of anxiety it can be hard to get back out again, so i put on a sleeping meditation and the voice of the teacher is gently bringing me back into the gentle sleeping mood that allows your body to drift away. There are meditations focused on preparing your mind and body for sleep, why go through a whole night of restlessness or taking sleeping pills if there is a free and risk free alternative.

Dos. Creating space.

What meditation does is, it creates space between your thoughts and in this space lays a sweet freedom. No judgement, no hurry, no expectations, no to-dos, no rethinking the past, no overthinking the future, it it like giving yourself a break from yourself and others.

Tres. Sense of connection.

It is easy to feel disconnected and alone in a cold big city. But by going within, there comes a sense of light and belonging, realizing that we are not separated. Realizing that we are all connected, connected to our family, connected to nature, connected to strangers, connected to the universe. There lies a hidden happiness in getting closer to the universes secrets by accepting that we are one of its miracles.

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